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Complete our program & have all the tools you need to start your career in nutrition and health coaching!


Graduates of the Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program are automatically approved to join the Health Coach Alliance with proof of graduation and will be awarded the HCA Registered Health Coach ™ title.


Become a Registered Health Coach in as little as 6 months!





Canadian Natural Nutrition Coach students and graduates are now accepted into the Metabolic Balance Coach Program in Canada!

Transform your clients, your practice, and your time!

As a Metabolic Balance Coach, you will have the tools and done for your programs that will bring you more clients and generate more income for your nutrition and health coaching business! 

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Have you ever thought about turning your passion for nutrition and wellness into a career but don’t know where to begin?
You have no prior experience, let alone know how to start your own business coaching clients.
And let’s not talk about all the different programs and courses to choose from.
In fact, a simple Google search has your head spinning and you end up feeling lost, frustrated, and just plain overwhelmed. Not to mention all the questions that still remain unanswered…
Which program is best? Which will give me a leg up in the industry? How do I get clients? What does it take to run a business? How will I make a living out of it?
But the biggest question of all – where do I even start?


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Or maybe you’ve taken all the courses, got the piece of paper to prove it, but still have been unable to get your business (or career) off the ground. 
You’re not alone. There are so many options out there and it’s hard to know which program is best.

What you need is an in-depth nutrition and health coaching program that lays everything out step by step so you can feel confident coaching clients and running your own nutrition and health coaching business.

A PROVEN framework and action plan that shows you EXACTLY how to launch, run and grow a thriving nutrition business while providing ongoing support right from the start.


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Introducing…the new Natural Nutrition Coach Program

The Natural Nutrition Coach Program is the ONLY program for wellness enthusiasts that combines nutrition theory, live coaching practice sessions, and business-building tools. 
Weaving all three components together – nutrition, coaching, and business – students can easily and quickly build a highly successful and profitable career in nutrition and health coaching.
You’ll graduate feeling confident in your skills and have the tools to launch, run and grow a thriving business in the nutrition industry – right from the start.
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In this program, you’ll discover:

In-depth coaching and business-building strategies. Our over-the-shoulder tutorials and teachings give you a practical look at how to coach clients and build your business, saving you valuable time.

How to coach clients successfully (and confidently). You’ll learn how to coach clients on a variety of topics and health concerns, so you’re ready to take on any client that comes your way.

How to build your nutrition coaching or consulting business from the ground up. We will show you exactly what to do to get your business up and running as you work through the program. That means you’ll have a ready-to-launch business upon graduation.

How to apply your nutrition knowledge directly to your practice. You’ll learn what assessments, tools, and practical coaching techniques to use from day one.

How to coach clients both 1-on-1 and in group sessions

A variety of career opportunities to choose from

How to achieve optimal health for both yourself and your loved ones

The FOUR PILLAR APPROACH to health and wellness

What Our Students Are Saying

I highly recommend this course! I have taken other nutrition courses for CEC’s and had some basic information provided about nutrition with my Health Coaching certification. I really appreciate the handouts that are provided for me to share with my clients.   I have more confidence now when talking to clients about nutrition as a result of completing this course.”

Jennifer Gryniewicz

Health Coach & Personal Trainer

What’s Included in the Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program?

  • 14 Course Certification Program taught by some of the top industry experts giving you both the theory and practical knowledge you need to coach clients successfully. 
  • Online Learning so you can access the content from anywhere in the world on YOUR schedule. Assignments and lessons are delivered entirely online – all you need is an internet connection and mobile device and you’re good to go! 
  • Practical, hands-on coaching experience to help you build confidence with clients and become an expert in your field.
  • Certificate of Completion upon graduation with the designation of Natural Nutrition Coach from the Health Coach Collaborative.
  •  Lifetime Access to all program material, videos, and workbooks.

Plus, you’ll get…

  • Step-by-step videos and handouts showing you the EXACT FORMULA and PROCESSES that have worked for us in our own coaching businesses. (Taking the guesswork out of both coaching and business building)
  • Ongoing Email Support so you can get expert feedback as you go through each lesson 
  • Printable course notes, templates, handouts, and worksheets 
  •  6-Month subscription to the Holistic Nutrition HUB so you can streamline and automate the entire client intake and coaching process. Tools include client intake forms, medical history forms, food and symptom journal, meal planners, recipe builders, consent agreements, and so much more.
  • Exclusive access to HCC Student Community, a private group where you’ll be able to connect with other students and industry experts as you go through the program. 
  • Discounts with industry organizations such as Meal Garden and Metabolic Balance 



We are an approved school with the Health Coach Alliance.™

The Health Coach Alliance™ is an organization dedicated to uniting, supporting, educating, facilitating, and building recognition for professional Health Coaches and Health & Nutrition Counsellors across Canada, the U.S. and abroad. 

All of the graduates of our new Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program are automatically approved to join the Health Coach Alliance where they will be awarded the HCA Registered Health Coach™ title. 

To qualify for the RHC™ designation, students must successfully complete the full 200-plus hour Natural Nutrition Coach Program. 

The benefits of the HCA-RHC™ designation include:

  • HCA Professional Title: HCA-RHC
  • HCA Registration number and Registry Listing
  • Comprehensive Liability Coverage: The Health Coach Alliance is happy to be able to provide its members with comprehensive professional liability coverage at competitive rates for Canada, the U.S.A., Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.
  • Optional comprehensive Medical, Dental, Critical Illness, AD&D and Life coverage at special group rate prices. 
  •  Amazing member perks and discounts to support their work and daily lives.
  • Continuing education events
  • And more….





Program Contents

The Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program courses were created with the goal of helping students to increase their knowledge around nutrition, health, and whole-body wellness. Each nutrition course is based on the four pillars of health—nutrition, with a focus on digestive health, stress management, sleep, and movement—and is designed to teach the student how to incorporate these four pillars into their own lifestyle and to coach clients who wish to implement these essential pillars of health into their lifestyle, in their pursuit of health and prevention of chronic disease. The full 14-course Program combines textbook reading, videos, and activities that support the student’s learning. 
The Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program is comprised of: 
  • 14 courses 
  • 260 total hours   
  • Mandatory coaching and nutrition case studies 
  • Comprehensive final exam 
In addition to the focus on the fours pillars of health, Health Coach Collaborative’s Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program takes a holistic approach to health, teaching students how each of the body systems are connected, how to recognize imbalances in each system, and how those imbalances relate to diet and nutrition, stress, sleep and movement.
Students will understand common risk factors for chronic diseases, including:
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Diabetes and prediabetes
  • Overweight and obesity
  • Kidney disease
  • Adrenal and thyroid conditions
  • Osteoporosis
  • and more…..
  • And the health indicators (e.g., fasting blood glucose, A1C, blood pressure, cholesterol -HDL and LDL, etc.) associated with these chronic diseases.

The most current evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle modifications that are recommended to optimize the client’s health, based on their desired goals, are explained.  

A graduate of the NNC program will be able to support their clients in the promotion of overall health, wellness and self-care, addressing common risk factors for disease, (such as weight, diet, stress management, sleep hygiene and movement), and in managing lifestyle behaviour change. Graduates will also know the code of ethics and scope of practice they must adhere to as practicing Coaches, and how to identify “red flags” for both physical and mental health so that they may refer the client to another healthcare professional as necessary. 

The Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program teaches students how to coach clients to facilitate behaviour change and obtain their best outcome.
The core tenets of our program address questions that will help graduates: 
  • Understand how to take charge of their own well-being, 
  •  Learn the coaching skills and understand which tools and resources they need to effectively coach their clients to self-manage their own wellness and transform their health and, 
  • Create a thriving business in the Health and Nutrition Coaching industry. 

Our graduates help transform lives… even their own!  


1.   Course manuals (downloadable PDFs and digital flipbooks) in 14 courses. 

2.   Quiz following each course. (except for the case studies) 

3.   Videos corresponding to course manuals. 

4.   Activities throughout the courses to help apply what students are learning. 

5.   Nutrition and Health Coaching Case Studies using simulated and live clients. 

6.   Online exam (80% or higher required to pass exam).


Click on the images below to see a flipbook preview of the course.

NNC 1.1 – Foundations of Natural Nutrition


Foundations in Natural Nutrition is an introduction to the principles of a natural food diet as they relate to health and well-being. There are five texts in this course.

The macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins and lipids) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are explored in detail: their functions, metabolism, absorption, deficiency symptoms, and association with health and disease. Other nutrients such as the phytonutrients found in food are explored as well.

Note: When you click on the image it will take you to a page with all five Foundations in Natural Nutrition flipbook previews.

NNC 1.2 – Body Systems: Physiology & Symptomatology


Nutrition is a significant factor in the prevention of many diseases. You will develop a foundational understanding of each body system (musculoskeletal, circulatory, immune, respiratory, urinary, endocrine, nervous, reproductive), the common diseases, symptoms, and causes of imbalance that may occur within each system and learn specific protocols that can be applied to achieve balanced health.


NNC 1.3 – Digestive Health & The Microbiome


Digestion is the cornerstone of health. This course explains the components and functions of the digestive system and its accessory organs and why problems can so easily arise within this system leading to chronic illnesses of the digestive tract which can greatly impact physical and mental health. You will also learn how these concerns may be influenced by dietary, behavioral, and supplemental interventions.


NNC 1.4 – Energy & Metabolism


This course offers a core emphasis on the scientific fundamentals of energy balance and metabolism. Anthropometric measurements and factors influencing metabolism and body composition are explored. Our unique, customized method for calculating energy needs and macronutrients is presented.


NNC 1.5 – Meal Planning for Your Clients


Learn practical meal planning and menu design to prepare you to work with clients. Learn how to apply natural nutrition principles to create a menu that maximizes nutrients and incorporates individual health needs and tastes, while also considering time, budget restraints and other obstacles.


NNC 1.6 – Stress Management, Sleep & Movement


The four pillars—nutrition, stress management, sleep, and movement—play a significant role in how the body reacts and responds to stress. Learn the physiological implications of stress on health, and protocols that can help the body adapt to and recover from chronic stress. Special consideration is given to the microbiome and the critical role the gut-brain axis plays in behavior, brain health, and mental health.


NNC 1.7 – Coaching Clients for Weight Loss and Maintenance


In this course, you will learn to apply the principles of natural nutrition to coach clients for successful weight management. This course studies the understanding of eating behaviors, including the biological mechanisms behind hunger and cravings, the importance of sleep, emotional factors, and psycho-spiritual factors. Disordered eating and a comparison of diet trends are reviewed.


NNC 1.8 – Nutrition Coach Case Studies


Apply theoretical knowledge and principles of natural nutrition. Using assessment tools to identify nutritional imbalances, you will create personalized client case study reports to explain how these imbalances may be related to a person’s health concerns, and will recommend customized nutritional interventions, meal plans, dietary supplements, exercise, and lifestyle changes for optimal health.

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NNC 2.1 – Understanding Your Role as a Nutrition Coach


This course is an introduction to the world of coaching, and a prerequisite for the coaching series. You will gain an understanding of what coaching is, why the coaching approach is so successful, how it differs from consulting, and what the attributes and characteristics of successful Coaches are. You will explore the core competencies that are necessary for effectively coaching clients and learn about the Scope of Practice and Code of Ethics that every Natural Nutrition Coach must adhere to. A workbook of activities that the student must complete is provided with this course.



NNC 2.2 – Facilitating Behaviour Change


Change can be hard! How your client learns and processes information can determine their mindset, values, and beliefs, which in turn can affect their readiness for change. In this course, we learn about the process and elements of change, beginning with how our brains are wired to resist change and how we create habits. We discuss establishing a vision, setting SMART goals, and the action steps that build change behaviours. Theories such as Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and the Stages of Change Model (The Transtheoretical Model) are explored, and examples of assessing your client’s readiness for change to facilitate their desired outcome are provided. Various learning activities and tools to reinforce each principle are included in the textbook.  Students will have an opportunity to practice these activities in the workbook that accompanies the course.


NNC 2.3 – Techniques for Effectively Coaching Your Clients


In this course, you will learn more about the art of coaching and building rapport with your clients and how to actively listen and use both verbal and nonverbal communication effectively with your clients during a coaching session. You will gain an understanding of the principles of Motivational Interviewing and how to use OARS skills: open-ended questions, affirmations, reflective listening and summarizing, to establish an open dialogue with clients. Various learning activities and tools are included in the textbook and a workbook of activities that the student must complete is provided with this course.

NNC 2.4 – Practical Applications: Conducting a Coaching Session


This course unites the techniques learned in the three previous courses and provides a framework for designing a personalized coaching program from start to finish. You will learn effective procedures for prequalifying a prospective client, establishing a Coaching Agreement, conducting the initial assessment, creating timelines, assessing progress, and more. Upon completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and tools needed to successfully conduct a Natural Nutrition Coaching session.

NNC 2.5 – Coaching Case Studies


Practical skills development is an important part of the NNC program. In these coaching and nutrition case studies, the student will be bringing together all of their acquired knowledge and skills in the fields of nutrition and coaching working with actual “clients” either in person or virtually online. In addition to written case studies that are submitted for evaluation, students must complete a minimum of three practice coaching sessions with clients demonstrating their coaching proficiency. Students will be evaluated on their ability to implement the core coaching skills and competencies. 

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NNC 3.0 – Nutrition Business Coaching & Strategy


Learn how to create, build & grow your nutrition business all in one streamlined process! This in-depth course will teach you how to operate a nutrition business and ensure you succeed from the beginning. We cover everything from the foundational aspects of a business, and website design (with a free template) to marketing!


Learn more about the Business Coaching and Strategy Course HERE


A quiz follows the completion of each course, and at the end of the full Program, students will write a comprehensive final exam (pass mark: 80%). Additionally, students will be evaluated on completion of nutrition and coaching case studies and various assignments that are submitted. 

Upon completion of the Natural Nutrition Coach Certification Program, students will have the skills to:
  • Critically evaluate a client’s diet. 
  • Educate a client about healthy eating. 
  • Identify how a client’s diet may be interfering with his/her optimal health. 
  • Identify where dietary improvements may be of benefit. 
  • Recommend a menu plan (or plans) based on the client’s health and lifestyle goals. 
  • Make diet and lifestyle recommendations for self-care and to help bring balance into a client’s life. 
  • Provide recommendations for common digestive issues. 
  • Advise clients on basic nutritional supplements. 
  • Connect in a deeper and more meaningful way with their clients. 
  • Support and empower clients to take charge of their own health, facilitate behaviour change and achieve the health and wellness goals they desire and deserve. 
  • Build a thriving coaching business! 

You've Got Questions? We’ve got answers!

How long does the Natural Nutrition Coach Program take to complete?

Students can complete the program in as little as 6 months if working on the material part-time (roughly 10 hours/per week). One year is the recommended time frame, but students have lifetime access to the materials. The program is 200 hours plus case studies.

Is the Program accredited?

Graduates that complete the program will receive a certificate from the Health Coach Collaborative as a Natural Nutrition Coach. It is also eligible for CECs from various organizations including Canfitpro. A petition letter can be supplied upon request.

Graduates are automatically approved to join the Health Coach Alliance (HCA) with proof of graduation and will be awarded the HCA Registered Health Coach ™ title. 


Canadian Natural Nutrition Coach students and graduates are now accepted into the Metabolic Balance Coach Program in Canada!

Transform your clients, your practice, and your time!

As a Metabolic Balance Coach, you will have the tools and done for your programs that will bring you more clients and generate more income for your nutrition and health coaching business! 

Who is this Program for?

If you are interested in naturally supporting the health of the body, mind and spirit then this course is for you! In this evidence-based Program, we take a whole-body holistic approach to wellness. 

Many of our students choose to become Natural Nutrition Coaches because of their experience (personal, family member or friend) with health concerns and their desire to learn how to take charge of their health. They become passionate advocates and want others to feel as well as they do!

Some choose to take the program as they realize the value it can bring to their fitness or health or wellness practice. They are able to confidently add health and nutritional coaching and consulting as an additional revenue stream to build their business. 

And some are just really interested in starting a career as a Health and Nutrition Coach. 

What’s your reason? We would love to talk with you about it.  Book a discovery call with us to talk about how the Program can benefit you!

What is considered a passing grade?

All assignments, quizzes, and graded course work must be passed with 80%.

Is there a Final Exam?

Yes there is a comprehensive final exam at the end of the Program. 

What does the Natural Nutrition Coach program cost?

The Natural Nutrition Program costs $2700.00 USD. Payment plans are available. 

Do you have payment plans?

Yes, each of our courses and programs has a payment plan option. Check individual courses and programs for more details. 

Do you have an Introductory Program?

Not ready to commit to the full nutrition program? We offer an introduction program called the Natural Nutrition Essentials Certificate. Students will get a feel for the program, learn the fundamentals of nutrition, and gain an appreciation of the basic principles required to make informed dietary decisions and take control of their own well-being. The Natural Nutrition Essentials Certificate is comprised of three of the NNC courses and the cost can be applied towards the full NNC Program should you decide to continue your journey to become a Natural Nutrition Coach. 

Would you like to talk with an Instructor about the Program?

Like to learn more about our courses and programs? Book a discovery call and speak to a Health Coach Collaborative Instructor who will be able to answer all of your course and program-related questions. 

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